Supplier-managed inventory

What is Terminal?

Terminal is a project, based on VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) model concept. Supplier-managed inventory is a modern trend in purchase management. Terminal assures product availability in the close proximity and guarantees an agreed inventory level provided by the supplier.


VMI product guarantees beneficial conditions for both parties – the Customer and the Supplier.

Advantages for the Customer

• Cost reduction for replenishing process (including expenses for making orders)

• Reduction of administrative workload.

• Shifting the responsibility to the Supplier

• Accessibility of the necessary goods on request at the market price.

• Reliability of the delivery route designated for the shipping of goods which are critical for business though obtainable at reasonable costs.

• No need in installing goods storage facilities

• while minimizing the risk of products deficit, cutting down on illiquid goods and assets, excessive investments.

• Increasing of the Supplier’s motivation in providing the service of the highest quality which will inevitably lead to the best possible service.

Advantages for the Supplier

• Possibility of midterm planning of manufacturing and purchasing of goods.

• Planning accuracy.

• Increase in manufacturing efficiency.

• Shipment consistency.

• Establishment of sound partnership relations between the Supplier and the Purchaser who will be working in permanent coordination to foster their mutual long-term cooperation.

• The Supplier shall be strongly motivated to provide a high-quality service, continuously update the quality management system thus contributing to his own competitiveness.


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Signing In

  • “Establishing long-term relations on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation”

  • “Providing with the full amount of the necessary products agreed in advance with the Customer”

  • “Enhancement of communication processes”

  • “Centralization of forecasts”

  • “Stable interaction at all the stages of shipment of goods”